Engineering Physics Lab

  • The Engineering Physics Laboratory is one of the major Laboratories of the departments. It is well equipped with spacious hall at ground floor including store room and dark room.
  • The Engineering Physics lab allows students with strong interests in both physics and engineering. This will provide students with the tools to address new engineering problems and contribute to emerging technology.
  • The laboratory contains modern utensils such as Semiconductor Band Gap apparatus, Ultrasonic Interferometer, Lee’s Disc Apparatus, Laser, Spectrometer and Travelling Microscope.

Engineering Chemistry Lab

  • The Engineering chemistry Laboratory is located on airy and spacious hall at ground floor including store room for keeping explosive and corrosive chemicals in view of the laboratory safety. It is well equipped with various instruments other than the usual glass wares and chemicals.
  • The Engineering Chemistry Lab helps to develop scientific attitude among the first year engineering students. In turn this will help them to solve the engineering problems in their world of work.

Communication and soft Skills Lab

  • Communication and Soft Skills Lab is well organized with all LSRW Techniques, advanced software are used to equip students with professional communication knowledge.
  • Group discussions, paper presentations and debates are held frequently in the lab. The students are given sufficient laboratory practice which helps in improving their personality traits.
  • Students are trained to face the recruitment activities such as placement interviews and group discussions for which Students are also provided with high skilled knowledge on International Language Testing System.
  • Soft skills such as creative thinking, time management, stress management, presentation skills are imparted to the students in order to maximize their performance if they get exposed to the corporate world.
  • In order to cater to the needs of the industry requirement, Language lab is designed to enhance over all communication skills among the students including pronunciation, accent etc. Here, we expose them to the skills where to H.R executives consider essential for every prospective employee.
  • In our lab, the modules are learned by the students through experience, multimedia interaction, interactive exercises, and personal evaluation assessment tools. Students are given exposure to communication skills, soft skills and workplace skills.