Electrical Machines Laboratory

This lab is fully equipped with sufficient numbers of D.C. Machines (Separately Excited, Self Excited D.C.shunt generators, D.C. Compound generator, D.C. Series generator, D.C. Shunt motors, D.C. Series motor, D.C. Compound motor), induction motors( Squrrial Cage IM, Slip Ring IM, Two speed motors), alternators, transformers, auto transformers (both single phase & three phase), loading rheostats, sliding rheostats, capacitor loads, inductive loads, lighting loads etc.

Measurements & Instrumentations Lab

This lab is fully equipped with

  • Transducer kits for the measurement of displacement, pressure and torque.
  • Wheatstone Bridge, Kelvin Double Bridge, Anderson Bridge, Maxwell’s and Scherring Bridge for measuring the unknown resistance, inductance and capacitance.
  • Current transformer,Single phase & three phase energy meters for calibration purpose.
  • Transducer kits for A/D & D/A conversion etc
Control System Lab

This lab is fully equipped with

  • Sufficient number of PC with Matlab software for analysis of stability of the system
  • DC stepper, DC position Servo trainer and AC Servo Motor trainer kit for position and Speed control.
  • PID controller, Lag-Lead Network
Electric Circuit Lab

This lab is fully equipped with sufficient numbers of Regulated Power Supply, Function Generator, CRO, Decade Resistance Box, Decade Inductance Box, Decade Capacitance Box, bread board

Power Electronics Lab
  • This lab is fully equipped with kits consisting of high power switching devices such as GTOs, MOSFETs, IGBTs, etc. With available kits ac and dc drives experiments can be done.
  • Matlab Software is also available through which Power Electronics & Drives experiments can be conducted
Power System Simulation Lab

It is a fully air conditioned laboratory, equipped with around 35 personal computers with backup supply and the recent softwares like C++, Matlab, MI Power are available.

Electric Engineering Practice Lab

This is equipped to do the experiments like house hold wiring, stair case wiring, measurement of insulation resistance of all electrical equipment using megger etc.

Seminar Hall

It is a fully air conditioned seminar hall equipped with personal computer & ceiling mounted LCD Projector. This hall has the seating capacity of 75 members.